Abbreviations and Acronyms

A list of commonly used abbreviations and acronyms in the RiskSense platform.

The following table provides a list of commonly used abbreviations and acronyms in RiskSense.

Acronym Term
2FA Two-Factor Authentication
AF Application Findings
API Application Programming Interface
CI Configuration Items
CMDB Configuration Management Database
CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
CVSS Common Vulnerability Scoring System
CWE Common Weakness Enumeration
DAST Dynamic Application Security Testing
DB Database
EV Earned Value
FP False Positive
HF Host Finding
IAM Identity & Access Management
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KRI Key Risk Indicator
MFA Multi-Factor Authentication
NVD National Vulnerability Database
OSS Open Source Software
 OWASP  Open Web Application Security Project
OVA Open Virtual Appliance
 PV  Planned Value
 RA  Risk Acceptance
RBAC Role-Based Access Control
RBVM Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
 RM  Remediation
ROSA RiskSense On-Site Appliance
 RS  RiskSense
 RS³/RS3  RiskSense Security Score
 SAML  Security Assertion Markup Language
SAST Static Application Security Testing
SNOW ServiceNow
 SPI Schedule Performance Index
 SU Severity Update
 SV Schedule Variance
 URbA Update Remediation by Assessment
VM Virtual Machine
VRR Vulnerability Risk Rating