Application Findings: Overview

A high-level overview of the Application Findings page in RiskSense.

The Application Findings page is your source for specific findings and vulnerabilities related to your application data ingested by RiskSense. The page provides detailed information on the findings within your applications and includes a variety of tools to sort data and define priority.


Application Findings-1

1.  Filters: Use the filters to sort through your Application Findings. Use the Active Filters to create and save your filters. Use the Saved Filters to locate and access saved and shared filters. Global Filters represent premade filters from RiskSense that cover frequently used filter configurations as well as high profile threats. See the Filters page for more information.

2. Tags: This drop-down will let you create tags or apply existing tags to your Application Findings. See the Tags page for more information

3. Workflow: This button allows users to move through a variety of workflow states as their application is remediated. See the Workflow page for more information on the workflow types and uses.

4. More Dropdown: contains a variety of additional options you can use while remediating your Application Findings. 

  • Add Note: To add your own notes about a finding (found in the "Finding Details" pane that opens up when a finding is selected)
  • Assign to Users: Use this option to assign a finding to a user. The user will receive an email that lets them know they have an assignment, and will then be responsible for remediation.
  • Create Ticket: RiskSense users who have set up an integration with ServiceNow can use this to create a ticket (it will be greyed out otherwise) See the ServiceNow Ticket section for more information.
  • Set Due Date: A date can be set regarding timelines for remediation of findings. A clock icon will show up to denote the presence of a due date and it will also denote when it has expired.
  • Delete Application Findings: Use to delete findings

5. Severity: Shows the severity of the Application Finding on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being most severe.

6. Assignments: Will show whoever is assigned to the FInding's initials

7. Title: The Title of the Application Finding

8. Network: The RiskSense Network the Application Finding is located on

9. Groups: The number of Groups that the Application Finding is a part of

10. URL: The URL for the Application Finding

11. Web Application: The Application the Finding is located on

12. Other Icons:

  • Manual Finding Report Count: This will give additional information if the finding was found and verified during a RiskSense Attack Surface Validation (penetration test).
  • Threat: Lists the number of threat-type vulnerabilities associated with the finding.
  • Tags: Lists the number of Tags applied to the finding
  • Asset Tags: Lists the Number of Tags applied to the associated Application
  • Tickets: Lists the number of associated ServiceNow tickets related to the Application Finding
  • Notes: Lists any Notes associated with the Application Finding

The Settings (List Views - Settings Button) menu can be clicked to add or remove columns at any time