Assessments Page: Overview

High-level overview of the Assessments page in RiskSense.

Assessments are a snapshot of a certain point in time relating to the data within RiskSense. It is a key component of running Update Remediation by Assessment (URbA). Essentially, it takes the current state and status of all hosts and vulnerabilities for a certain point in time and compares that with the data from the last assessment. Based on that data comparison, the platform can evaluate if hosts and vulnerabilities have been closed, opened, or reopened.

The Assessments list view shows all the assessments within the platform. You can find this by navigating to the Settings (Settings Menu - Gear - Small) > Assessments page.

Assessments Menu Location

  1. Filters: An easy way to sort through many assessments via multiple fields and assessment attributes.
  2. Create: Allows for the creation of a new assessment. Please note that assessments can also easily be created during a scan file upload and will be automatically created if the account has connectors for the scan files.
  3. More: Allows the user to edit an assessment’s name, date, and any notes pertaining to the assessment. Assessments can also be deleted from this drop-down menu.
  4. Selection: Assessments can be selected and information pertaining to the assessment is displayed line by line.

To create an assessment, see Creating an Assessment.