Assigning a Vulnerability to Yourself

How to self-assign a vulnerability within RiskSense.

When using RiskSense, remediation can take several different forms, but one important function is to assign users vulnerabilities for remediation work. You can either assign a vulnerability to yourself or to another user (depending on your permissions in RiskSense). User assignments ensure that remediation can be tracked so work is not duplicated.

To assign a vulnerability to yourself, navigate to either the Manage > Host Findings or Manage > Application Findings pages.

Assign Finding Self - Host and Application Findings Locations

Select the finding(s) to assign by clicking the check box in the page’s first column. You may select several vulnerabilities at a time for assignment.

Assign Finding Self - Select Findings

Click the More button.

Assign Finding Self - More Button Location

In the More drop-down menu, click Assign to Self.

Assign Finding Self - Assign to Self Menu Location

In the Self Assign Findings window, click Submit.

Assign Finding Self - Self Assign Host Findings Window

As a newly assigned user, you will receive an email with a notification of your assignment. Your name also appears in the Finding Detail pane under Assignments. Your assignments can also be found in the Assignments column and can be filtered for using the Assigned to filter.