Creating a Tag from a List View Page

How to create a tag while on a list view page in RiskSense.

The RiskSense platform lets managers and group managers create new tags for a wide range of purposes.

Users can create a new tag from any of the list view pages or the Collections Manager page. To create a tag on the Tags page, see Creating a Tag on the Tags Page.

To create a tag, navigate to a list view page. For this example, we will use the Network > Hosts page.

Hosts Menu Location-1

When on a list view page, click the Tags button near the top of the page.

Create Tag List View - Tags Button Location

In the Tags drop-down menu, click Create.

Create Tag List View - Create Button Location

In the Create Tag window, fill out the fields with your tag information. Additional information about each field is provided below.

Project tags require more information than other tags. For more information regarding project tag fields, see Project Tags: Overview.

Create Tag List View - Create Tag Window

  • Tag Type: There are a variety of tag types to choose from (Compliance, Location, Custom, Remediation, People, Project, Scanner, and CMDB).
  • Name: Tag name.
  • Description: Optional tag description.
  • Owner: Generally, the user that created the tag, but others can be added or removed. Type in a user name, and when you see the user to add in the drop-down list, click their name. To remove a user, click the X next to their name.

         Create Tag List View - Owner Field Usage

  • Color: Assign a color to the tag for easy identification.
  • Locked: Tags can be locked so that no one else can edit its settings (checked) or unlocked (unchecked), allowing anyone to edit.
  • Propagate Asset Tag to All Findings: When applying tags to assets, checking this box ensures that all findings on that asset are also tagged. When applying tags to assets, unchecking this box propagate tags exclusively to assets.

Once completed, click Submit. The new tag is now available in the Tags drop-down menu and on the Tags page. The tag can now be assigned to findings.