Creating an Application

How to create an application in Ivanti Neurons.

Users need the IAM privilege Application Control to create an application.

To create an application, navigate to the Manage > Applications page.

Create Application - Applications Menu Location

On the Applications page, click More.

Create Application - More Button Location

In the More drop-down menu, click Create Application.

Create Application - Create Application Menu Location

In the Create Application window, complete the following fields.

  • Group: Select the groups to which this application will belong. You can select more than one group.
  • Network: The network for this application.
  • Application Name: The application’s name.
  • Application Address: The application’s address.
  • Set Application Criticality: The application’s criticality, with 1 being the least critical and 5 being the most critical.
  • Set Asset Address Type: Select whether the asset address type is internal or external.

Create Application - Create Application Window

Once you complete the required fields, click Create. This action creates the application.