Creating an Application Vulnerability

How to create an application vulnerability in RiskSense.

To create an application vulnerability, navigate to the Manage > Application Findings page.

Navigation - Manage - Application Findings

On the Application Findings page, click the More button.

Creating Vulnerability - More Button

In the More dropdown, click Create Vulnerability.

Creating Vulnerability - Create Vulnerability Menu Location

In the Create Vulnerability window, complete the following fields.

  • Application: Application name. Can use this field to search for an application.
  • Assessments: Assessment title. Can use this field to search for an assessment.
  • Scanner: Select the scanner from the dropdown.
  • Title: Vulnerability title.
  • Source ID: Plugin ID.
  • Severity: The vulnerability’s severity.
  • CWE ID: The vulnerability’s CWE ID.
  • Location: Location where the vulnerability was identified.
  • Vulnerability Template: The vulnerability’s template to add description and solution.

Creating Vulnerability - Create Vulnerability Window 1

Creating Vulnerability - Create Vulnerability Window 2

Once you complete the required fields, click Save. This action creates the application finding.