Data Processing Status Icons

A high-level overview of data processing status icons in the Ivanti Neurons platform.

The icons around the Configuration menu provide information regarding data processing within the platform. An example of these icons is shown below.

Data Processing - Data Processing Example

Each icon represents a different task type, and the following table describes each icon’s purpose and functionality within the Ivanti Neurons platform.

Status Icon Details
Upload Data Processing - Upload This icon is displayed to indicate that client data is being uploaded to the Ivanti Neurons platform (e.g., new scan files, new data fed from uploads, etc.). The upload icon’s activity is only visible to users that have upload privileges in the client. Clicking this icon takes you to the Upload Center.
Download Data Processing - Download Icon This icon indicates that you are downloading a file from the Ivanti Neurons platform (e.g., reports, list view Excel file, etc.). The download icon’s activity is only visible to the user. Clicking this icon takes you to the Download Center.
Jobs Data Processing - Jobs Icon This icon indicates that jobs are being processed in the Ivanti Neurons platform (e.g., group/asset moves, network/asset moves, tags, etc.). The Job icon’s activity is visible to all users in the platform. Clicking this icon takes you to the Jobs page.
Alert Data Processing - Alert Icon This icon shows notifications that indicate a data processing phase is complete. Clicking this icon expands the notification window.

By default, only the Alert icon is visible. While data processes in the platform, the data processing icons appear to the left of the Configuration menu.