Deleting a Network

How to delete a network in RiskSense.

Once a network is deleted, the network data cannot be recovered (assets, web applications, and vulnerabilities). This action is irreversible. Please consider this before attempting to delete a network.

To delete a network, navigate to the Organize > Networks page.

Networks - Networks Menu Location

Select the network(s) to delete by clicking the check box in the page's first column. You may select more than one network at a time.

Delete Network - Select Networks

After selecting the network(s), click the Delete button at the top of the list view.

Delete Network - Delete Network Button-1

In the Delete Network window, please review the information to ensure it is correct. If so, type DELETE into the text box and click the Delete button. The Delete button is only available for use after typing DELETE into the text box.

Delete Network - Delete Network Window

This action deletes the network and all its associated assets, applications, and vulnerabilities.