Groups Page: Overview

A high-level overview of the Groups page in RiskSense.

The Groups page allows a user to create organizational (and permission-based) folders within RiskSense. By default, all new assets are put into the Default Group. RiskSense recommends creating several groups to move assets into, leaving the Default Group as a place to easily find new hosts/assets as they are scanned and surfaced in RiskSense. Groups can be created based on asset type, location, team, etc. Assets can belong to multiple groups.

When navigating to this list view, users only see the groups assigned to them. Managers can assign themselves to groups or assign others to groups. Group managers only see the groups they manage.

To access the Groups page, navigate to the Configuration (Settings Menu - Gear - Small) > Groups page from the top-right corner of the page.

Groups Menu Location

  1. Filters: Allows users to filter through the group list using various criteria.
  2. Card View Toggle: Click this icon (Groups - Card View Icon Small) to switch the list view to card view, where the RS³ score is prominently displayed for each group. Click the Host Findings or Prioritization buttons on a group card to view data associated with that group. Click the (Groups - List View Icon Small)  button to switch back to the list view. For more information, see Toggling Between the Groups Page's Card and List Views.
  3. Refresh: Click to refresh the page to view any changes made.
  4. Export: Export the selected group’s row information.
  5. Create: Click to create a new group. For more information, see Creating a Group.
  6. Edit Group: Click to edit the selected group's name.
  7. Delete Group(s): Click to delete the selected groups.
  8. Assign to Users: After selecting one or more groups, a manager/group manager can assign users to groups. After assigning users to groups, that assignee can see the group and its corresponding hosts/findings.
  9. Sorting Drop-Down List: Allows the groups to be sorted in a variety of ways
  10. Default Column Headers: Group RS³ Score, Group Name, Assets contained in the group, Hosts contained in the group, Apps Contained in the group, Last date of Data Refresh, Users assigned to the group, Assessments related to each group, Host Findings Total on the Group, Host Findings Critical-Info (breakdown of individual findings), Application Findings Critical-Info (breakdown of individual findings).