Jobs Page: Overview

High-level overview of the Jobs page in RiskSense.

Access the Jobs page by navigating to Configuration (Settings Menu - Gear - Small) > Jobs in RiskSense.

Jobs Page - Jobs Menu Location

The Jobs page allows users to view the status of all client jobs within the platform. This page is available to all RiskSense platform users. This page allows users to filter for specific jobs processing in RiskSense based on the job’s type and status.

Jobs Page - Jobs List View

Type: Use the drop-down menu to filter the list view for a specific job type.

Jobs Page - Type Filter

Status: Use the drop-down menu to filter the list view for a specific job status.

Jobs Page - Status Filter

RS Internal Jobs Toggle: Click the toggle to show/hide RS Internal jobs.

Jobs Page - Internal Jobs Hidden

Jobs Page - Internal Jobs Shown

Clear: Click this button to remove filters from the page.

Jobs Page - Clear Button Location

The following columns are available on the Jobs page.

  • Job Type: Type of job.
  • Job Subject: The job’s category.
  • Workflow Type: Displays the workflow type associated with the job. May be listed as N/A unless directly tied to a platform workflow, such as a remediation job.
  • Job Status: Lists the status of the job, i.e., Complete, Complete with Failures, Failed, Filtering, In Process, Queued.
  • Created: Date and time job started.
  • Finished: Date and time job completed.
  • Progress: Bar depicting job progress that gives an approximate estimation of how long the job will take to complete.
  • Job Size: Relative job size. Jobs with a higher value take longer to complete than jobs of a lower value.
  • User: The RiskSense user who initiated the job.