Accessing RiskSense’s Available Configurable Dashboards

How to find the Configurable Dashboards page and view RiskSense-provided and custom dashboards.

Navigate to Dashboards > Configurable Dashboard. Most first-time users will see the Prioritization Dashboard (as shown in Configurable Dashboards: Overview). The Prioritization Dashboard assists with tracking host finding discovery and remediation over time and identifying the most critical open findings based on host IP type (internal or external), threat association, or finding severity.

RiskSense offers pre-configured dashboards on different topics. Open the Provided Dashboards on the left to view available pre-configured dashboards. Click one to load it.

Configurable Dashboards - Provided Dashboards-1

You also can create your own dashboards and to view dashboards that other users have shared. Custom Dashboards shows all dashboards that you have created and that other users have shared.

Configurable Dashboards - Custom Dashboards