Filtering for Risk Acceptance Requests

How to find risk acceptance requests awaiting approval in the RiskSense platform.

The risk acceptance workflow serves as acknowledgment that after evaluating a vulnerability, the cost to remediate the vulnerability is larger than the risk posed by the vulnerability itself. For cases where an organization accepts a vulnerability’s risk, the RiskSense platform provides an option to mark that finding as a Risk Acceptance (RA).

To filter for risk acceptance requests, navigate to either the Network > Host Findings or Application > Application Findings pages. For this example, we will show you how to filter for risk acceptance requests using the Application > Application Findings page.

Application Findings Menu Location-1

To view all risk acceptance requests, you will need to set up a filter. Click the Active Filter button in the upper-left corner of the page.

Risk Acceptance Filtering - Active Filters Button

If any filters are already applied, click Clear All. Set your filter using the following parameter and click Add.

Risk Acceptance Filtering - RA Requested Filter Configuration

The list view now shows all risk acceptance requests awaiting approval on the Application Findings page.

Risk Acceptance Filtering - State Filtered by RA Requested