Filtering for Severity Update Requests

How to find severity update requests awaiting approval in RiskSense.

The severity update workflow provides organizations with the ability to update a vulnerability’s severity based on their own environment’s needs. The RiskSense platform provides an option to change a vulnerability’s severity using the Severity Update (SU) workflow.

To filter for severity update requests, go to either the Network > Host Findings or Application > Application Findings pages. For this example, we will show you how to filter for severity update requests using the Application > Application Findings page.

Application Findings Menu Location-1

To view all severity update requests, you will need to set up a filter. Click the System Filters button in the upper-left corner of the page.

Severity Update Filtering - System Filters Location

In System Filters, click the Severity Approval Needed filter.

Severity Update Filtering - Severity Approval Needed Filter Location

The list view now shows all severity update requests awaiting approval on the Application Findings page.

Severity Update Filtering - Severity Update Filter Applied