Locked Tags

High-level overview of locked tags in RiskSense.

In the Hosts, Applications, Host Findings, and Application Findings views, users lack the ability to apply locked or tags to assets or findings. Orchestration enforces these settings by checking the status of a tag when you submit the rule. Currently, you see an error message at the bottom of the screen if your rule references an invalid tag.

Either RiskSense or a user may create locked tags. This section discusses different ways that a user or RiskSense can create a locked tag:

  • A tag owner or a manager locks a tag. When a tag owner or a manager locks the tag, no one can apply a tag or remove it. To lock a tag, click the Locked check box.

Locked Tag - Edit Tag Window

  • RiskSense creates a locked Connector tag. RiskSense may create a locked Connector tag when an API connector runs. RiskSense manages locked Connector tags and prevents users from applying them or removing them from assets or findings.
Locked Tag - Locked Connector Tag