Micro Focus Fortify Software Security Center (SSC) Connector Guide

How to set up and use the Micro Focus Fortify Software Security Center (SSC) connector in Ivanti Neurons.

About the Fortify Software Security Center Integration

The Ivanti Neurons platform provides an API-based connector that integrates with Fortify Software Security Center (SSC), enabling customers to bring in their SAST and DAST findings from Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) and Fortify WebInspect products into Ivanti Neurons. This allows customers to gain visibility into their overall risk due to vulnerabilities in their source code/web applications and enable a simpler, more efficient way to manage those vulnerabilities.

The integration allows security and vulnerability teams to:

  • Understand their exposure to vulnerabilities and threats in their business critical web applications.
  • View top software flaws in their web applications based on mappings such as CWE Top 25, OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, etc.
  • Prioritize and remediate top weaknesses and flaws.

Ivanti Neurons users can configure the connector to pull scan data from Fortify Software Security Center on a periodic basis.

How it Works

The Ivanti Neurons Fortify connector programmatically connects with Fortify SSC to pull in scan data for either source code or web applications. It is assumed that a user has already setup Fortify SCA, Fortify WebInspect, and Fortify SSC. For the Ivanti Neurons Fortify connector to work properly, the following steps must be performed:

  1. The user runs a scan on a project from Fortify SCA for static files, or from Fortify WebInspect for dynamic URLs, and generates a .fpr file.
  2. The user then uploads the .fpr file to Fortify SSC.
  3. The Ivanti Neurons Fortify connector should be configured with its Fortify SSC credentials and enabled.
  4. The connector establishes a connection with Fortify SSC and pulls scan data via the API.
  5. The scan data is parsed and mapped within the Ivanti Neurons platform and displayed within the Application views.

Fortify Product Overview

Fortify SSC is used for processing .fpr files (scanned results) generated by both Fortify SCA and Fortify Web Inspect.

Download Fortify SSC from the following URL: Fortify Software Security Center

Generating Fortify Scan Files

Fortify Prerequisites

Navigate to the Fortify website and sign up for an account. Download the following products:

Installation and Scan Report Generation

Fortify SCA

Install Fortify SCA by following the Windows installer’s instructions. A static code analysis report must be generated for further processing. This can be done by following these steps.

(Note: Webgoat is an open-source Java application that was deliberately created to have security vulnerabilities that can be scanned by application scanners.)

Performing a Fortify Static Scan

C:\Program Files\Fortify\Fortify_SCA_and_Apps_19.1.0\Samples\advanced\webgoat>sourceanalyzer -b WebGoat5.0 -clean

C:\Program Files\Fortify\Fortify_SCA_and_Apps_19.1.0\Samples\advanced\webgoat>sourceanalyzer -b WebGoat5.0 -source 1.5 -cp "WebGoat5.0/WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/*.jar" WebGoat5.0/JavaSource WebGoat5.0/WebContent

C:\Program Files\Fortify\Fortify_SCA_and_Apps_19.1.0\Samples\advanced\webgoat>sourceanalyzer -b WebGoat5.0 -scan -f C:\Us

Fortify Web Inspect

Install Fortify WebInspect by following the Windows installer’s instructions and use the following steps to perform a dynamic application scan:

Open the WebInspect launcher.

Fortify Scan - Start Page

Select Start a Guided Scan and follow the steps to perform a scan.

Once the scan is complete, click the Manage Scans tab to view the scans that have been performed. Select a scan and click Export > Export Scan to Software Security Center. This downloads an .fpr file.

Fortify Scan - Export Scan Location

Uploading Files in Fortify Software Security Center

Log in to Fortify SSC as a user with upload access. Navigate to the Applications tab and click New Application Version, following the instructions provided in the tab.

HubSpot Video

Configuring the Fortify Connector in Ivanti Neurons

In the Ivanti Neurons platform, navigate to the Automate > Integrations page.

Navigation - Automation - Integrations

Search for Fortify Security and click the Configuration button on the Micro Focus Fortify Security Center (WebInspect/SCA) connector card.

Fortify - Fortify Security Center Integration Card

Enter your Fortify credentials in the Create Connector form. The fields include:

  • Name: Connector instance name.
  • URL: Fortify SSC instance URL.
  • User Name and Password: User credentials that can access the Fortify SSC instance.
  • Network: Ivanti Neurons network name (ingested applications and their findings will be associated with this network).
  • SSL: Fortify SSC instance SSL certificate.

Once the form is complete, click the Test Credentials button to ensure the credentials are valid.

Note: For self-signed Fortify SSC domains, you must upload the SSL certificate for verification.

Fortify - Connector Setup

If the credential test succeeds, the Save button is enabled. Click the Save button to save the connector’s configuration.

Users can schedule the frequency for running the connectors, and Update Remediation by Assessment (URbA) can also be enabled. Ivanti Neurons then pulls files from Fortify SSC according to the chosen schedule.

Fortify - Connector Specific Options

On clicking the Save button, the connector begins pulling data from Fortify SSC into Ivanti Neurons. Users can monitor the connector status by clicking the History button on the connector card.

Fortify - Connector History

Files pulled from Fortify SSC can be viewed on the Uploads page.

Fortify - Uploads Page

To run the connector on demand, click the Sync button on the connector card.

Fortify - Connector Card

Data Visualization in Ivanti Neurons

Once files have been processed on the Uploads page, the user can visualize the ingested data by navigating to either the Applications or Application Findings views.


To identify Fortify-related projects, open the filter pane. Select Scanner Name as the filter category and begin typing Fortify in the value field to show related scanners.

Fortify - Filter for Fortify SCA or WebInspect in RS

Clicking an individual row brings up the detail pane, showing in-depth information on the project.

Fortify - Application Detail Pane Information

Application Findings

For a given project on the Applications page, the user may click on the value under Total to navigate to the Application Findings view and see findings associated with that project.

Fortify - Application Findings Page

Clicking on individual findings brings up the finding detail pane. Data associated with the finding, including vulnerability information, is shown here.

Fortify - Application Findings Detail Pane

Fortify SSC includes a Kingdom as one of its project properties. This field is mapped into Ivanti Neurons using a special new filter called Fortify SSE.

Fortify - Fortify SSE Filter

Ivanti Neurons Mapping of Fortify SSC Data

The table below provides the complete mapping between fields in Fortify SSC and the Ivanti Neurons platform.

Section Ivanti Neurons Field Fortify SCA Fortify WebInspect Filterable
Applications Name Application name and version Application name along with the version Yes
Total Total number of associated findings Total number of associated findings No
Application Findings Title Category Category Yes
Url Affected File Path Affected URL Yes
Description Overview + Details Application name along with the version No
WebApplication Application name along with the version Application name along with the version Yes
Severity Criticality Criticality Yes
Output → Fortify SSE Kingdom Kingdom Yes
Output → Instance ID Instance Id Instance Id Yes
Output → Impact Impact Impact No
Output → Confidence Confidence Confidence No
Output → Probability Probability Probability No
Output → Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy No
Output → Likelihood Likelihood Likelihood No
Output → Implication Implication Implication No
Output → References References References No

Useful Filters

Application Filters

Filter Field Fortify SCA Fortify WebInspect
Scanner Name A new scanner name Fortify SCA has been added for filtering applications. A new scanner name Fortify WebInspect has been added for filtering applications.
Scanner Type Scanner type SAST. Scanner type DAST.

Application Finding Filters

Filter Field Fortify SCA Fortify WebInspect
Finding Type Finding type SAST has been added for application findings. Finding type DAST has been added for application findings.
Fortify SSE Kingdom of each finding. Kingdom of each finding.