Netsparker Data Export Guide

How to export data from Netsparker for ingestion by RiskSense.

Netsparker Overview

The Netsparker web application security scanner helps identify vulnerabilities in your web applications. RiskSense supports Netsparker scan results exported as an .XML file.

Netsparker Setup

Follow these steps to save Netsparker data to a file that can be uploaded to the RiskSense platform.

First, log in to the NetSparker client.

Netsparker - Interface

Close the Start New Scan dialog box and navigate to File > Import.

Netsparker - Import Menu Location

From the File Import dialog box, select the Netsparker scan to import.

Netsparker - Select File Import

After loading the scan data into NetSparker, navigate to the Reporting menu.

Netsparker - Reporting Menu Location

Select Vulnerabilities List (XML).

Netsparker - Vulnerabilities List Location

Provide a name for the export and click Save.

Netsparker - Export Vulnerability List Report

Once the file is saved, you can view the file in a browser or text editor.

Netsparker - View Report

You can now upload this file to the RiskSense platform.