Playbooks: Overview

High-level overview of the orchestration feature in RiskSense.

Orchestration assists RiskSense customers with automating common tasks in the RiskSense platform such as managing assets, prioritizing remediation efforts, and tracking remediation progress on specific assets. For example, Orchestration could automate moving hosts with trending vulnerabilities to a particular group or temporarily decreasing the severity of a low-priority finding.

To automate tasks, first create a Playbook. Playbooks consist of one or more rules that define an action to perform on specific assets or findings. A playbook runs daily, weekly, or monthly at a specific time of day.

To view existing playbooks, navigate to Automate > Playbooks. This view allows users to create new playbooks and manage existing playbooks.

Navigation - Automate - Playbooks

For additional information regarding Orchestration, see Viewing and Downloading the RiskSense Orchestration Guide.