Playbooks: Understanding System Limitations

This article discusses playbook system limitations that could impact customer workflows.

Number of Playbooks or Rules Allowed per Client

You may encounter system limitations when creating or modifying playbooks or rules:

  • A single client can have 500 playbooks and 10 enabled playbooks.
  • A single playbook can have up to 50 rules.
  • Two playbooks can run simultaneously per client. Any playbooks that exceed that limit are queued and show the status “Deferred”.

Playbook Run Time Overlap

If a playbook is executing at its next run time, the playbook scheduler skips the playbook’s next scheduled run.

Playbooks Actions as Jobs

When you perform an action like changing the group of an asset or updating the severity of a finding, you submit a job to the RiskSense platform. Playbooks submit jobs on a per-rule basis. Note that this implies that the RiskSense platform completes jobs in the order that they enter the job queue.

Users that have access to the Jobs page can track the progress of playbook jobs.