Creating an Assessment

How to create an assessment in Ivanti Neurons.

To create an assessment, you must have the IAM privilege Assessment Control.

To create an assessment in Ivanti Neurons, navigate to the Organize > Assessments page.

Create Assessment - Assessments Menu Location

On the Assessments page, click the Create button.

Create Assessment - Create Button Location-1

In the Create Assessment window, complete the following fields.

  • Assessment Name: Name of the assessment.

  • Assigned Date: This date is very important. Ensure you set the date corresponding to the scan file date. If, for example, you forgot to upload a scan from a month ago and you are uploading it today, the best practice is to mark the date on the assessment as a month ago. This will ensure that the Assessment and the month-old scan data will be marked appropriately in Ivanti Neurons.

  • Description: (Optional) Any additional notes regarding the assessment or scan file

Create Assessment - Create Assessment Window-1

Once you complete the required fields, click the Save button to create the assessment. A scan upload can now be attached to the assessment.