Saving a Filter

How to save a filter in RiskSense.

To save an active filter on a data set, navigate to the page with data you want to filter. This example will show you how to set an active filter on the Applications page.

To set up the active filter, navigate to the Manage > Applications page.

Navigation - Manage - Applications

Click the Active Filter (Active Filter - Small) button on the left-hand side of the page.

Save Filter - Active Filter Button

In the Active Filter panel, select your filter criteria. For more information about the filter fields, see Active Filters: Overview. Add the filters you want to save. For more information about adding filters, see Setting an Active Filter.

Save Filter - Set Filters

In the Active Filter panel, click the Save button.

Save Filter - Save Button Location

In the Save Applied Filter window, complete the following fields and click Save.

  • Filter Name: Name of filter. Limited to 25 characters.
  • Filter Description: Description of filter. Not required
  • Shared Filter: Click the checkbox to automatically share this filter with other users in your RiskSense client.

Save Filter - Save Applied Filter Window

To view your saved filter, click the Saved/Shared Filter (Saved-Shared Filter - Small) button.

Save Filter - Saved-Shared Filter Button Location

Click the Private Filters button to view your saved but unshared filters.

Save Filter - Private Filters Button Location

Click the Filters Shared by You to view your saved and shared filters.

Save Filter - Filters Shared by You Button Location