Saving List View Settings

An overview of reviewing and saving new default settings for a list view that supports User widgets.

List views that support User widgets now let you change your settings temporarily. Instead of automatically saving changes, these list views now allow you to define your preferred settings as your defaults. The defaults load when you first log into the platform. You can take advantage of this feature to interact with User widgets without overwriting your preferred settings.

Pages that support this feature include

  • Host Findings
  • Application Findings
  • Hosts
  • Applications
  • Groups
  • Patches

Several list views support customization but not User widgets. These list views (Tags, Networks, and Assessments) still automatically save any changes made.

Note that you cannot save settings for a Group By view across sessions. If you apply a Group By, you will temporarily disable options for saving your current settings and any alerts about unsaved settings.

Saving Current Settings

If you change the list view, you will see the alert icon badge on the Settings gear. You will trigger this alert if you change the active sort, increase or decrease the width of a column, or apply new settings through the Settings menu.

If you click on the gear, you will see the option Save Current Settings highlighted. Choose this option to save new personal default settings for the list view.

Saving List View - Save Current Settings

Restoring your Default Settings

To restore saved settings, select Restore Saved Settings under the Settings gear.

Saving List View - Restore Saved Settings

You can also restore your default settings by refreshing the browser. If you have access to multiple clients, you will see your default settings if you switch clients.

Editing Columns and Rows

If you choose Edit Settings from the Settings gear, you open the Settings menu. From here, you can enable and disable columns, change the number of results per page, and alter the row height. Once you start making changes, you will see an alert about unsaved settings at the top of the menu.

You can review your changes before permanently saving them by clicking Apply. To save settings as your new defaults, choose Save.

Saving List View - Settings Window