Navigation Menu: Overview

A high-level overview of the navigation menu in RiskSense.

The navigation bar was reorganized to make it easier to navigate the RiskSense platform. Details regarding the navigation bar and menus are provided below.

Navigation Bar - Updated

Home Button: By default, clicking the Home (Menu - Home Button - Small) button to the right of the RiskSense logo takes you to the Executive Dashboard. The Home button can be configured to a different page by setting a different landing page in Client Settings.


Dashboards Menu - Overview


Network Menu - Overview


Application Menu - Overview


Automation Menu - Overview


SRS Menu - Overview

Configuration (Settings Menu - Gear - Small):

Settings Menu - Overview

Alerts: By default, only the Alert (Alerts - Alert Icon - Small) icon is visible. When the platform is processing data, the associated icon (jobs, upload, download) appears in the navigation bar.

Alerts - Visible Data Processing Icons - Overview

Client Name: For organizations with multiple business units, clicking the Client Name allows you to change clients via the Multi-Client Dashboard.

Client Menu

User Initials: Click your initials in the upper-right-hand corner of the page to access the User Settings page and the Logout option.

User Menu