User Settings: Overview

A high-level overview of the User Settings page in RiskSense.

User Settings can be viewed by selecting your user initials in the top-right corner of the RiskSense interface.

User Settings - Menu Location

  • User Profile: The Update button can be selected to make changes to your own contact information.
  • API Tokens: Contains a link to the RiskSense online API documentation page and options for generating or revoking API tokens.
  • Security: Allows a user to toggle their 2-factor authentication type between email delivery of the code (default) and MFA Device (Multi-Factor Authentication). When selecting MFA Device, selecting the Show Code button provides a QR code that can be captured by your MFA device or application of choice to associate it with the user’s RiskSense authentication credentials.
  • General
    • Default Landing Page: Provides a list of RiskSense pages available for placing the user after successful authentication.
    • Receive RiskSense Email Notifications: Global enable/disable for all RiskSense emails.
    • Opt Out of Emails: Allows a user to enable or disable RiskSense Platform email notifications for specific topics on a per-client basis.